Redness With Bumps Accompanied By Itching And Pain In The Hands?

Illustration of Redness With Bumps Accompanied By Itching And Pain In The Hands?
Illustration: Redness With Bumps Accompanied By Itching And Pain In The Hands?

Good afternoon, at first my left hand appeared in itchy red bumps, after the bumps were gone the red remained but when the touch was red it hurt. After the red disappeared, there was pain in my left hand like muscle cramps. Then my left hand was warmly warmed, but the pain instead moved to my right hand and sometimes both.

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Redness, with bumps accompanied by itching and pain can be a skin failure caused by allergies. Here are some advantages that can cause complaints to you, for example:

Urticaria or hives dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin characterized by reddish swollen rashes on the skin that feels itchy, can be: atopic dermatitis (eczema), contact dermatitis Both conditions occur due to an allergic reaction that appears on the skin. Usually in urticaria or biduran will appear bumps with a reddish basis and initially accompanied by itching. Sekain that in urticaria can be accompanied by pain or sting like stinging. And usually this urticaria arises due to allergic reactions. These hives can occur in one location of the body or can even occur in the whole body. So this allergic reaction can appear on any part of the skin, complaints that move on your right hand may still be an allergic reaction journey.

And here are some things that can cause biduran or urticaria:

Exposure to hot or cold air. Contact with triggers or allergens such as insect bites Allergic reactions due to certain drugs Infection, such as influenza Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin that can occur in the form of atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis.

Both of these skin problems are related to allergies, it is important to recognize the cause or trigger of the itching complaint. Because the treatment is to avoid triggers or allergen exposure. However, if it is difficult to determine the substance or trigger allergies, you can consult a dermatologist, or if it is disturbing or severe smeaking, you can also consult a doctor. Then an examination will be carried out, for example, checking for types of allergies such as allergy testing.

In the meantime some things you can do:

Avoid scratching the itchy area to prevent irritation and infection. Using cold compresses on the itchy area, and pain. If the pain is very disturbing, you can consume paracetamol. If the complaint continues, visit your doctor immediately.

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