Reduction In Weight In Infants Aged 2 Months?

My baby is a boy 2 months 6hr, BB / TB last month: 4.5 / 56 then BB / TB this month: 4.3 / 6.1. She is almost full of breast milk, why is she almost full because sometimes she still has additional milk (60-120ml). Only 1-2 times a day of milk and even that sometimes sometimes not every day. Some days, he was in the afternoon, and when he was in a deep sleep, he gave his drink (ASI) delivery time between 3-5 hours. The questions are: 1. Is it normal for my baby BB as I explained above? 2. Is the decrease in bb influenced by the pattern of breastfeeding at night which has little change?

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In monitoring your child's growth and development, there are several parameters that can be monitored, one of which is your child's weight condition according to your child's age. To monitor your child's growth you can see a weight comparison chart according to the age issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) for boys aged 0-6 months that you can access at this link.

For the condition of your child 2 months old with a weight of 4.3 kilograms included in the category of underweight children. But keep in mind also the condition and ability to drink your child, whether your child is born full / premature can also affect your child's weight condition. We recommend that at the age of children up to 6 months exclusive breastfeeding regimens (only providing breast milk as a source of nutrition for infants without formula milk), followed by breastfeeding with complementary foods (MPASI) gradually. In the condition of a healthy child with adequate nutrition, it should be possible to find an increase in body weight in accordance with the age of the baby, can be influenced by medical conditions, or patterns of inadequate nutrition.

If you find it difficult to regulate your child's drinking patterns, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician regarding the examination of your child so that management can be determined according to your child. It is not recommended to provide treatment for your child without consulting a doctor.

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