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Dear doctor .. nI want to ask my father who is suffering from blood sugar, every morning and at night he always shivers and spits his body weak and thin. N What I want to ask is the sugar goes up or down ???? n because after a while it will get better lg that’s all every morning or night shivering sometimes delirious thanks in advance.

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Blood sugar disease or commonly referred to as diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease. Diabetes mellitus can cause damage to various organs in the body such as the brain, eyes, heart, and kidneys.

from the condition that your father experienced, chills accompanied by weakness and thin body weight may be one of them caused by high blood sugar / hyperglycemic levels. However, these symptoms are not specific to high blood sugar levels. In general, blood sugar levels that are too high can cause symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, blurred vision, tingling hands, and drastic weight loss.

but of course to determine whether there is a low or high blood sugar level, it is necessary to check blood sugar, either using capillary blood (fingers) or through venous blood.

In addition, the condition that your father is experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

There is a pulmonary infection urinary tract infection COPD / chronic obstructive pulmonary disease heart problems, therefore, to determine the cause of your father's condition, you should check your father directly with an internal medicine specialist, so that the doctor can check your father's condition further. . thus later the doctor can provide the right therapy, including therapy for your father's blood sugar levels.

here's an article you can read about diabetes

may be useful. thank you

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