Regarding Chemotherapy For Bone Cancer?

In the morning my doctor Fahmi this month I was diagnosed with osteosarcom, and was required for chemotherapy. For bone cancer chemotherapy with breast cancer and others, the same was not the chemo drug? are only certain hospitals that can be used for chemo bone cancer. or all hospitals that have chemotherapy facilities can handle chemo for osteosarcom

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Chemotherapy is an aggressive treatment given to destroy the growth of malignant cells / cancer that is not controlled. Treatment with chemotherapy or known as chemo, is given as a combination therapy for cancer patients, because in addition to treatment with chemo, cancer patients also get other treatments in the form of surgical procedures or radiotherapy or targeted therapy.

In chemo treatment, the term chemotherapy is known as anjuvant therapy given after a surgical procedure and chemotherapy as a neo-advanced which is given before a surgical procedure. Neoajuvant administration is done for about 10 weeks before the surgical procedure, this aims to help the surgery process better with the hope that the area of ​​blood surgery is not too large because of the growth of cancer. While neoajuvant can be given up to around 1 year.

In connection with your question, treatment with chemotherapy for patients with breast cancer and osteosarcoma (cancer of the bones) can be found several types of drugs that can be used for both cancers, so this chemo drug can be used both for handling bone cancer or breast cancer.

For chemo patients with breast cancer, several types of chemo can be given such as:

 Anthacycline Taxanes Capecitabine Cyclophosphamide Carboplatin Gemcitabine Capecitabine Vinorelbine While chemo for osteosarcoma can be:

 Methotrxate Doxorubicin Carboplatin Epirubicin Cyclophosphamid Gemcitabin Thus, several types of chemo can be given for other types of cancer. For cancer treatment, giving 2-3 types of cancer will provide a better response to the treatment of cancer. If chemotherapy before surgery gives a good response, chemo treatment after surgery usually continues the chemo treatment that was previously done.

However, all this depends on the doctor who treats and provides direct treatment for you. The doctor who is authorized to provide cancer treatment is an oncologist. Handling of patients with cancer both surgical and chemo, can be done in the hospital with an oncology specialist in it. So, you can request information oncologists who practice in hospitals in your city. You can consult and continue treatment and treatment from your oncology doctor.

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