Regarding Chronic Antrum Gastritis?

Illustration of Regarding Chronic Antrum Gastritis?
Illustration: Regarding Chronic Antrum Gastritis?

, actually I have long felt tired, my breath was very smelly (people say), then nausea, no appetite, same nausea. then I checked with the doctor, and told me to endescopy but only took photos. there is no sample taking or biopsy for the lab test. and I have a verdict of chronic gastritis, and the esophagus a … and given medicine, he will return in a month, but why is that possible? I think I eat regularly. I am afraid this is an infection of H pylori, because my breath is very bad, said people around me, and I am very tired. Do I need to do a test to find out I have H pylori bacteria?

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Hello Yoga, thank you for the question.

Gastritis is indeed one of the common illnesses suffered and quite disturbing. Gastritis varies in symptoms for each individual. Starting from the symptoms of uluhati pain, bloating or full stomach, no appetite, full satiety, abdominal pain or heat, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, often belching, and bad breath. The cause of gastritis can be due to:

Eating and drinking errors. Too much consumption of acidic foods and drinks, too much consumption of caffeine, soda, or alcohol. Psychic stress or irregular rest. H. pylori infection. Take certain medications for a long time. For example long-term consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Autoimmune In this situation the body's immune cells attack our own stomach cells, causing irritation. Gastritis is a stubborn disease. Handling usually takes months or even years. In addition to medication, lifestyle modification and eating patterns, doctors also often do supporting examinations such as X-rays, endoscopy, or H. pylori tests. This bacterial test is done by taking stool samples, blood samples, or respiratory urea tests.

Endoscopy by a doctor does not always involve a biopsy. Sometimes the doctor can confirm the diagnosis by looking at the picture of the gastric mucosa alone. This is because even a small biopsy still carries the risk of bleeding. So if it is deemed unnecessary, the doctor does not necessarily conduct a biopsy.

If you want to determine whether there is an H. pylori infection, then you can consult with an internist.

Hope this answer helps. Regards.

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