Regarding Dislocations In The Knee That Won’t Heal?

Illustration of Regarding Dislocations In The Knee That Won’t Heal?
Illustration: Regarding Dislocations In The Knee That Won’t Heal?

Hello, I am 17th age girl 165cm tall weigh 54kg. In 2013 I had a dislocation in my left knee as a result of jumping on 1 leg. Since then, my left knee became prone to dislocation of the patella, within 1 year there were 2-3 dislocations. But when it is dislocated, it is also easy to return to its original position just by straightening the leg, but it still hurts a lot. Now when I exercise, I always use a decker on my left knee. Will it cause side effects if I use a decker continuously while exercising? Guess “what causes my left knee to become easily dislocated since the injury in 2013? Then what should I do to prevent it from occurring again? Thanks

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Dislocation generally occurs when there is a shift due to misposition and emphasis. The damage can be permanent or temporary depending on the degree of the damage. Generally, a permanent dislocation requires supporting tools that must be used every day.

We recommend that you consult regularly with your chiropractor to get the best treatment options.

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