Regarding Drugs Containing Tocilizumab?

Illustration of Regarding Drugs Containing Tocilizumab?
Illustration: Regarding Drugs Containing Tocilizumab?

Good morning, afternoon, evening, Doctor. I want to know what the meaning, composition, dosage and use of Actemra are? Thank you for your knowledge. Regards.

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Hello Aji,

Thank you for the question.

The drug that you mentioned contains the drug tocilizumab, a class of IL-6 receptor inhibitors that work to reduce the immune function of the human body. This drug works by suppressing inflammation caused by excessive immune reactions in the body. This drug is usually used to treat arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and as an adjunct to chemotherapy.

The drug is given by injection, either through a vein of about 4 mg / kg every 4 weeks or through a layer of fat around 162 mg per week. This drug can reduce the immune system so the administration must be in accordance with doctor's recommendations. This drug can make the body vulnerable to infection, injury to the gastrointestinal tract, cause liver disorders, and even increase the risk of suffering from certain types of cancer, so people who have certain disease conditions such as infections, cancer, liver disease, diabetes mellitus, and gastrointestinal disease, you must be careful using this drug.

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