Regarding Eye Health?

Illustration of Regarding Eye Health?
Illustration: Regarding Eye Health?

if our eyes are normal but wear cylindrical glasses everyday, what is the danger? or if we are diagnosed by our ophthalmologist cylinder 1 then we wear cylinder lenses but not according to the doctor’s prescription, what is the danger too?

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The use of eyeglass powers that are not in accordance with eye conditions, and without prior examination by a doctor, is not recommended. The incompatibility of the strength of the eyeglass lenses with this eye condition can result in fatigue of the eye muscles in adjusting the vision and can trigger symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, pain behind the eyes, watery eyes, and of course blurred vision. This can result in discomfort and disrupt productivity in carrying out daily activities.

For this reason, if there are complaints in the eye, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist for further examination and determine the appropriate management in accordance with the results of the examination.

And vice versa, if you do not feel any interference with your eyes, you should not use glasses that have power (minus, plus, or cylinder), especially without checking with your doctor first. If you want to use glasses just for accessories, you can use glasses that do not have the power of a lens (flat / flipchart), so they don't interfere with your vision and cause symptoms that cause discomfort.

As for maintaining eye health, the following things can be done:

Read at least 30 cm from the source of writing Avoid reading on your back, because usually without realizing it in this position someone will put the reading source closer to the eye Avoid reading in a room that is too dark, and with too small writing. Rest your eyes periodically every time you look screens, be it cellphones, tablets, computers, or laptops. Use the 20 principle, which is every 20 minutes of reading, resting your eyes for 20 seconds by looking at objects 20 feet (about 6 meters) away from you Avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes Consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin A so they are good for eye health. from me, hopefully helpful and useful :)


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