Regarding Giving A Pacifier To A 3 Month Baby?

Illustration of Regarding Giving A Pacifier To A 3 Month Baby?
Illustration: Regarding Giving A Pacifier To A 3 Month Baby?

Doctor, my child is 3 months old, about a month ago my child was given a pacifier (ontel) by the parents and now my child can’t sleep if I don’t have a pacifier (ontel) so I decided to wean my child from the pacifier ( ontel) because my child is still breastfeeding, my question is how to make my child forget about the pacifier (ontel) quickly? .? Please answer and thank you doctor

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Babies, especially small babies, can indeed get a sense of comfort by sucking something in their mouth, such as breasts, nipples, milk bottles, or pacifiers (pacifiers). Giving a pacifier to a baby is not completely prohibited in the medical world. Here are some of the positives for using a pacifier:

Research has shown that the use of a pacifier reduces the risk of developing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in infants under 1 year of age. Pacifiers can help babies learn to soothe themselves (so they don't need to be constantly breastfed or cradled when the baby is fussy) Pacifiers can be used to help premature babies (especially those who drink from a feeding bottle) Help adjust ear pressure when the baby is being carried on a plane. is easier to lose than thumb sucking

Pacifiers are usually recommended for use after the child turns 1 month of age to reduce the risk of the baby confusing the nipple in babies who are breastfed directly. Pacifiers can provide the above benefits until the baby is 6 months old. After 6 months of age, pacifiers are no longer proven to provide certain benefits and can even increase the risk of ear infections. When starting to enter the age of 6-12 months, babies are advised to begin weaning from using a pacifier and are completely stopped at the age of 2 years because it can interfere with tooth growth. At the age of 3 months like your child, the use of a pacifier will not affect the future growth of his teeth.

If you do decide to wean your child from a pacifier from now on, then there are several ways you can do:

First of all, make sure that everyone who cares for your baby collaborates with you to stop using a pacifier. If you stop giving a pacifier but someone else provides a pacifier for your baby, the baby will be more difficult to wean. You can stop using a pacifier immediately. In the first few days the baby may cry and be difficult to calm down, but the baby will quickly learn to adjust and calm himself without using a pacifier. If you can't bear to let your baby cry, you can stop using the pacifier slowly. If your baby uses a pacifier all the time, start by giving a pacifier only when your baby is about to sleep. After that, start reducing its use during naps, until it's only used at nighttime sleep. Only then do you try to stop using pacifiers altogether. You can make the pacifier uncomfortable for the baby to use. Try clipping the end of the pacifier a little (being careful that there are no sharp edges and that the baby does not let any small parts of the pacifier come off and be sucked in). Start by trimming the end of the pacifier and slowly cutting it until the pacifier is shorter and harder to suck. The baby will feel uncomfortable again and throw away the pacifier on his own. If your baby becomes fussy, do not give him a pacifier immediately, but try to calm him down by patting the baby's stomach or back, or rocking the baby.

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