Regarding Growth Spurt In Infants?

Illustration of Regarding Growth Spurt In Infants?
Illustration: Regarding Growth Spurt In Infants?

hello my child is 2 months old, every night before going to bed, he wants to suckle while lying down, but if I sleep I come off he cries and then asks for milk again. I read on Google it says growth spurt, is it true that my child has growth spurt? it’s been 2 weeks my child is like that, because what I read is only 3 days or a week at most. please enlighten me 😊 thanks

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Hi Nia,

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The pattern of breastfeeding is more or less shaped by habits. If you often accustom your child to sleep while pacifying your breast while breastfeeding, then this condition can continue. You shouldn't let this habit drag on. Because, the baby's habit of breastfeeding to sleep can make a lot of the rest of the milk that accumulates in the oral cavity. This condition can later make disturbances to the growth of teeth and gums, because it will make cavities more easily and even more inflamed teeth. Not only that, the accumulation of residual milk in the oral cavity can make it easier for fungi, bacteria, and other pathogenic microorganisms (causing diseases) to multiply. As a result, your child will be more susceptible to canker sores, laryngitis, bad breath, and various other health problems.

Indeed, babies aged 0 to 6 months can experience a period called growth spurt. At this time, the growth of the baby is accelerating so he also requires a calorie intake higher than usual. Growth spurt in infants can be characterized by frequency of breastfeeding more often, longer, and babies who appear to be always thirsty or hungry, so they often become more fussy and have trouble sleeping. This condition is common in every baby.

All you need to do is:

Feed your baby regularly 1 to 3 hours, do not wait for him to be sleepy or too hungry to cry strongly Get used to breastfeeding the baby in the right way, not while lying down, but while sitting, while raising his head and chest to prevent choking The effective duration of breastfeeding is usually only around 10 to 20 minutes. If the baby is nursing longer than that, release your nipples and calm the baby when crying. Don't make it a habit for a baby to suckle while lying down, let alone soak it to sleep Apply a regular sleep and wake up schedule to your baby . If the baby is fussy, hold her to calm down, then put her back to sleep. Usually, the conditions as your baby does not reflect dangerous things. It only takes habituation to be able to change your baby's breastfeeding patterns to make it better and not to trouble you. It can't be instant. However, if you are consistent, do it mindfully, and are supported by partners and relatives who help take care of your baby, the results obtained certainly will not betray the business. If you find it difficult, do not hesitate to consult directly with your doctor, pediatrician, or the nearest lactation consultant.

I hope this helps.

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