Regarding HIV Status?

Illustration of Regarding HIV Status?
Illustration: Regarding HIV Status?

I want to ask, I used to have sexual relations with my boyfriend in 2010, now I am married in 2015 u0026amp; I have 1 child, I have checked with rapid test and the results are negative, can my HIV status be negative. thank you

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Hi Yayuk,

Thank you for asking

Perpetrators of premarital sex are indeed one group at risk of contracting HIV. This disease, at an early stage often does not show typical complaints. However, along with the development of the disease, the patient's immune system will decrease dramatically, so that a variety of complaints begins to emerge, such as being susceptible to infection, weight loss dramatically, and so on. For this reason, this detection is very important in order to prevent dangerous complications.

One diagnostic technique that can be done for HIV detection can be done by serological examination, which uses blood or saliva samples to detect antibodies produced by the body in warding off the HIV virus. This examination should ideally be carried out within 3 weeks to 3 months after risky behavior is carried out in order to obtain accurate results.

Therefore, it needs to be clarified first, when exactly did you undergo the HIV test? How long is the examination distance from the first sex you did in 2010?

A negative HIV rapid test result, if done at the right time, is likely to be accurate enough to diagnose someone, whether contracting HIV or not. However, in order to avoid biased results due to the window period (the period in which the virus replicates in the body but have not formed enough antibodies to be detected in the blood), you can do a re-examination 3 months later. For that, you can consult directly with the doctor or the closest specialist in internal medicine.

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