Regarding Pregnancy

Illustration of Regarding Pregnancy
Illustration: Regarding Pregnancy

Hello doki Iis, age 24. OK I want to ask, the cellphone was on February 18, well last month I was 4 days late, I tried to check but NEGATIVE, and on 21 I had a little spots, on March 22 morning blood came out like hed but a little, during the afternoon I had an abdominal ultrasound, the results of an ultrasound were seen as a fetal sac, I was advised by the midwife to check again later this month. But the blood that came out that morning actually continued for 5 days. At the end of last month, my test was still negative. Am I pregnant or not docked, the questions are taken every day to the factory.

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Good evening Iis, thank you for asking at We understand your confusion. But regarding the determination of pregnancy, this can not be ascertained so you do an ultrasound examination by an obstetrician. Before that, it is always possible for you to get pregnant and not get pregnant.

The explanation is this, positive and negative testpack results can be wrong, whether it's wrong from the device, or wrong from its use. This causes even though the testpack results are negative, the originals can be positive, and vice versa. The blood can also mean a number of things, you could be pregnant and it is a threat of pregnancy but the fetus is still surviving, you could be pregnant and the bleeding is a miscarriage so that you are not pregnant now. And you can also not get pregnant from the start and bleeding is a different condition that is not related at all.

As for the ultrasound you have done at the midwife, this is still said to be inaccurate because the competent one to do it is actually an obstetrician. Even if you want to do an ultrasound at a midwife, it doesn't matter as long as you reconfirm at your obstetrician.

The point is, as we said earlier, your condition can still be pregnant or not pregnant. The advice, immediately consult a gynecologist so that ultrasound can be done and your pregnancy status is determined. Meanwhile, consider yourself pregnant, get plenty of rest, avoid lifting heavy loads, do not consume drugs without doctor's advice, only consume cooked food, and take pregnancy supplements. So, hopefully answering your question.

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