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Illustration: Regarding Pregnancy

I want to ask my doc first, just check the contents of my ankle 1. Should I get the pink book right now? to check further whether it is the date like the first x we ​​are checking? The thing is the doctor doesn’t want to check next. Thank you

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First of all, should you explain in advance what your exact pregnancy is?

If you do a pregnancy check up at the health center, then usually the pink book (MCH Handbook - Maternal and Child Health) will be given from the first time you checked yourself. If you do an examination at a private practice doctor or private practice midwife, then there is a possibility that they have different policies. The MCH Handbook contains various important information that you need during your pregnancy and can be used as a means of communication between health workers who examine you. If you have not received this KIA book, you can ask the doctor or midwife where you check for it. If indeed the doctor or midwife does not provide, you can try to ask the nearest health center from your home.

Regarding further examinations, the actual examination of pregnancy does not have to be done every month. You are only advised to have a pregnancy check up once during the first trimester (including also having an ultrasound 1 time in the first trimester). If you are currently in the first trimester and have not yet received an ultrasound, it is recommended that you see a gynecologist for an ultrasound at least once in your first trimester. The following is the recommended schedule for antenatal care from the World Health Organization (WHO):

First trimester examination before 12 weeks' gestation
Examination in the second trimester at 20 and 26 weeks' gestation
Examination in the third trimester at 30, 34, 36, 38, 40 weeks, and thereafter every week if labor has not yet taken place

It is recommended that you do an ultrasound at least once in your second or third trimester. Regarding the examination date, of course you can adjust when you can do the examination with your doctor or midwife's schedule. Even more important is the examination carried out around the gestational ages above.

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