Regarding The Cause Of Babies Born With Congenital Heart Disease

Illustration of Regarding The Cause Of Babies Born With Congenital Heart Disease
Illustration: Regarding The Cause Of Babies Born With Congenital Heart Disease

1. Taking drugs carelessly, drinking alcohol in pregnant women is one of the factors that results in the failure of the development of heart structure in the fetus, why is that? 2. One of the clinical features of infants with congenital heart disease is acute cyanosis at birth and continues until the age of 1 year , why is that doc? 3. One of the diagnoses that may arise is, decreased cardiac output associated with abnormal cardiac structures, please explain doc.

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Hello Fadli,

Thank you for the question. I try to answer the questions one by one.

1. Not all drugs have been tested for safety in pregnant women and not all drugs that have been tested for pregnant women have escaped safety, so it is possible that drugs that do not have label A or are safe for pregnant women will have teratogenic or toxic effects on the fetus and interfere with the growth process and fetal development, depending on the type of drug and how the metabolism of the drug itself. For liquor or alcohol, toxic substances in alcohol can also inhibit the growth and development of the fetus, and these toxic substances can interfere with the absorption of nutrients for pregnant women that are important for fetal growth and development, one of which plays the most important role is ethanol alcohol disrupts metabolism vitamin A which is the derivative (retinoic acid) functions to help the growth cells of the fetal heart organ.

2. Congenital heart disease in infants can interfere with blood flow to the heart and lungs. This disorder can cause blood flow to the lungs to be slight, and make blood 'clean' and 'dirty' mixed, resulting in low blood oxygen pumping throughout the body. Low oxygen pumping throughout the body can cause skin to become bluish or often referred to as cyanosis. This congenital heart disease, depending on the type of interference that exists in the heart (such as not closing the space in the heart, etc.), can be permanent or temporary, where in most heart problems such as not closing the heart space, it will close by itself as it grows children, for example until the age of 1 year.

3. Congenital heart disease, for example in Tetralogy of Fallot, there are disturbances such as narrowing of the vascular valves to the lungs, thickening of the heart muscle walls in the lower heart space or right ventricle, interconnection of the ventricular septal defect, and large blood vessels or aorta abnormal. This combination of heart structure disorders will increase the burden on the heart and reduce the production of oxygen in the blood pumped by the heart, so that cardiac output will also decrease.

Hopefully this information can help.


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