Regarding The Corona Pandemic

Illustration of Regarding The Corona Pandemic
Illustration: Regarding The Corona Pandemic

good night doc, doc I want to ask, what’s the difference between regular phlegm coughing and corona? please explain.

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Hello Rijalul Goib Summa Doif,

Covid-19 (corona virus disease) is a disease caused by infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the newest type of corona virus). This disease is transmitted through:

A cough / sneeze / breath droplet of a Covid-19 sufferer who is then inhaled / inhaled by you and enters the respiratory tract
Contaminated items containing droplets containing viruses from sufferers, then you touch with your hands, then your dirty hands touch the mucosa of the nose, mouth or eyes

The symptoms of Covid-19 are the same as the symptoms of respiratory disease and can be similar to the symptoms of other infections (non-respiratory). The main symptoms that arise in Covid-19 patients (based on analysis of> 55 thousand patients in China by WHO) are:

Fever (> 38 degrees Celsius). Symptoms of fever can be found in 88% of patients with positive Covid-19.
Dry cough (68%) continues - not just 1-2 times
Tired tiredness (38%)
Spitting phlegm (33%)
Shortness of breath (19%)
Bone and joint pain (15%)
Throat pain (14%)
Headache (14%)
Shivering (11%)
Nausea or vomiting (5%)
Nasal congestion (5%)
Diarrhea (4%)
Coughing up blood (1%)
Swollen eyes (1%)

The diagnosis of Covid-19 must be confirmed by inspection of the respiratory tract swab RT-PCR. Other investigations that can support the diagnosis are chest X-ray, chest CT-scan, and blood laboratory examination.

If you have a fever + one of the respiratory symptoms + there is a history of contact with a Covid-19 / suspected Covid-19 sufferer OR is domiciled in an area with local transmission (please see the map of the spread of covid-19 on the official government website), please contact the hotline 119 ext 9 or 112 or the Covid-19 hotline provided by the local government.

This disease is self-limiting, which means it can heal itself because of the immune system of the sufferer without requiring specific treatment. However, in high-risk people such as the elderly, patients with chronic diseases (for example: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc.), and immunocompromised patients (for example: HIV / AIDS patients, immunosuppressant treatment, etc.), Covid-19 can cause severe symptoms such as severe pneumonia (pneumonia), respiratory distress, respiratory failure, systemic infections, organ failure, which can lead to death.

Therefore we must actively participate in breaking the chain of transmission especially so as not to infect these high-risk groups, by:

Stay at home for at least the next 14 days

Physical distancing, give a minimum distance of 1 meter from other people
Practice the correct cough ethic
Wear a mask that is changed every day or more often if it is wet. Dispose of used masks in the trash. OR
Cover your mouth with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash then wash your hands with running water + soap OR
Cover mouth and nose with the inside of the arm when coughing

Wash your hands thoroughly with running water and soap OR with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Apply clean and healthy behavior

If there are severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, high fever> 40oC, continuous fever> 3 days, coughing up blood, please come to the health facility to be examined directly by a doctor. Pay attention to the following points if you have to go to a health facility (so that you don't get infected or infect others)

Use a mask
Do not go using public transportation
Avoid the crowd
Physical distancing of at least 1 meter
Do the correct cough ethic
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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