Regarding The Male Circumcision Procedure?

Illustration of Regarding The Male Circumcision Procedure?
Illustration: Regarding The Male Circumcision Procedure?

Greetings doctor..why can the penis be circumcised on top of it .. it’s not cut below … thanks for the answer

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Hello Hafis,

Circumcision or circumcision is an act of cutting the foreskin / prepuce of the penis. From a medical point of view circumcision has benefits to help maintain the cleanliness and health of the penis. Circumcision there are several methods such as conventional scissors and suturing, smart clamps, and laser / cauter.

In connection with your question, it is likely that the uncut of the foreskin is the frenulum. An uncut frenulum is normal during circumcision.

However, to confirm your condition whether it is true that the remaining skin is a frenulum or not, you can control it with the doctor who did the circumcision. You can control 1 or 2 weeks after circumcision or according to the schedule given by the doctor. During the healing period, take medication as recommended by your doctor, eat healthy and nutritious food, and keep your penis clean.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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