Regarding The Preparation Before Doing Cancer Radiotherapy?

Illustration of Regarding The Preparation Before Doing Cancer Radiotherapy?
Illustration: Regarding The Preparation Before Doing Cancer Radiotherapy?

Hello, my husband, 45 years old, was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer, well differentiated in the left thigh, planned to be radiated at the beginning of March, what effect will the husband feel, and what preparations we have to do to minimize these effects both before and after the radiotrot is performed.

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Cancer is a dangerous disease that is frightening. One treatment that is carried out is radiotherapy or radiation therapy by utilizing light as energy intensive to kill cancer cells.

Before radiotherapy is performed, the doctor will conduct a series of examinations to determine whether this procedure is suitable for the patient's condition. After that, the doctor can determine the dose and frequency of radiotherapy. Treatment is determined based on the type and stage of cancer experienced by the patient.

Radiotherapy is not only done a day, but can be several days, several weeks, or even up to several months depending on the patient's condition. During the treatment period, patients will receive close supervision from the doctor. Patients must also undergo a series of tests to determine the health conditions and side effects that may result from radiotherapy. Additional treatment may be given by a doctor to relieve symptoms and overcome side effects. That way, the patient's days will feel more comfortable.

The type and intensity of side effects of radiotherapy that appear in each cancer patient can vary. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms. There are those who experience mild side effects, there are also severe ones. This depends on the type of radiation, how often the patient is being treated, which body part is being treated, and how healthy the patient is from the start.

There are several effects that will be developed including:

 fatigue: For this reason, patients should prioritize rest, avoid strenuous work, and do simple low-intensity exercise so that stamina is maintained. skin problems (areas of skin that are exposed to radiation will usually redden, burn, or irritate): In this condition, the skin becomes so sensitive that patients are prohibited from using scented skin products, tight clothing, perfume, and direct sun exposure. To ease the symptoms, the doctor will give a special cream or gel to the patient's skin. loss of appetite: Even if there is no appetite, the patient must always meet his nutritional needs every day. The tip is to eat smaller portions but more often. Psychological disorders, such as depression, frustration, stress, or sexual disorders, especially if the cancer occurs in the stomach and pelvic area. Radiotherapy can cause a decrease in the number of white blood cells and platelets. As a result, the patient's immune system becomes lower and susceptible to infectious diseases. more certainly you can ask directly by the doctor who handles your husband, what should be prepared and what are the effects that might occur and whether there are handlers of these effects. so that you and your husband are not worried or mistaken.

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