Regarding The Problem Of Delusion As A Work Of Art

Illustration of Regarding The Problem Of Delusion As A Work Of Art
Illustration: Regarding The Problem Of Delusion As A Work Of Art

Hello, I’m 17 years old. I suffer from problems with delusions, I always imagine everything and things I imagine arrive u0026sup2; I want to desire it as a work of art. The thing that is imagined is sometimes the emotions are happy to a scary picture. Almost every image that I draw in my diary. Sometimes I also sing alone and to hallucinate my voice exactly with the original singer. I do not use drugs and alcohol. Will it be a problem if it remains? Because in my opinion, creative ideas sometimes arise when I’m delusional

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Delusion or misunderstanding is a condition when someone feels a certain belief in a thing so surely, even though it is contrary to the facts, science, norms, religion, customs and culture of the common people. For example a person is very sure that he is the reincarnation of a god or prophet, or even believes he is God and this belief cannot be shaken, so that is called delusion.

From this description, the possibility that you experience is not delusional, but imagination. Because a person who is delusional will not know he is delusional. For him, what people considered delusional of him was a real thing. So if you can say that it's delusional, then it's not delusional. Even more precise might be imagination, and imagination is very normal for someone to experience. All painters, writers, actors, and musicians must go through an imagination phase in their creative process.

Then regarding hallucinations, hallucinations are conditions when someone sees, hears, or feels something that is not really there. For example when you see that in front of you there is a dinosaur, or in your ear, you feel someone whispering, even though neither the dinosaur nor the voice can be seen and heard by others. So most likely you also do not experience hallucinations, but also imagination because the key word is you imagine.

Our advice, because there is a potential for misunderstanding in interpreting terms or symptoms, you should consult with a psychologist directly. This face-to-face meeting is important because if not, our suggestion might not be right because our understanding does not match what you are actually complaining about. With face-to-face meetings, misunderstandings can be avoided and the handling you receive can be more appropriate.

What is clear, if it is only imagination, and you can still control yourself, in the sense that you can manage when to imagine and when to concentrate, your work or your lessons are not neglected, this should not be a problem. But again, to avoid misunderstanding, you should consult yourself. So, hopefully answering your question.

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