Regarding The Stages Of Dental Root Canal Treatment?

Illustration of Regarding The Stages Of Dental Root Canal Treatment?
Illustration: Regarding The Stages Of Dental Root Canal Treatment?

, I want to ask. u003cbr u003 I was about one week ago to the dental clinic in the south Jakarta area. u003cbr u003edan and he saw the case in my teeth u0026amp; suggested doing root canal treatment (PSA). u003cbr u003I started looking for references to the stages of doing PSA, and the stages were more or less like this. u003cbr u003e1. dental x-ray

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Root canal treatment (PSA) is usually done on cavities that are deep enough to reach the pulp (root canal). Not only that, infection or inflammation due to other causes that occur in the pulp can also be overcome by this action.

Before doing a PSA, the doctor will usually do a panoramic x-ray examination of the tooth in question to evaluate the condition of the tooth root, following inflammation and infection that occurs in it. Next, the doctor will make a hole in the tooth until it reaches the tooth root, then use a very small device and a special solution (such as sodium hypochlorite) to clean the tooth root canal. After that, the tooth that was previously punched will be patched using a temporary patch while giving a period of infection and inflammation that occurs in the root canal subsides. Then, it will be evaluated a few days later the condition of the tooth root. If the signs of infection and inflammation are considered to have subsided, then dental restoration is permanently safe to do.

Dental restoration after root canal treatment can be done by several methods, including by using ordinary fillings or crowns. Of course, these two types of actions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Permanent dental fillings have been chosen by the community given the relatively lower price. If proper care is taken, these patches can last for 5-8 years. If you still have a lot of crowns left over, normal patches are generally enough to cover the holes in your teeth. However, if the crowns of your remaining teeth are very small, permanent patches like this are also more risky to be released. In addition, the color and surface of teeth that use permanent fillings are often slightly different from the color of healthy teeth, so that when observed closely, the boundaries of dental fillings can often be seen easily. In some people, this can slightly interfere with appearance.

Crown, or often called a dental blanket, is made individually to adjust the shape of the user's teeth. The price of making and installing crowns is relatively more expensive than ordinary permanent patches. However, if you have very few remaining crowns on your teeth, it is much safer to use crowns than ordinary permanent fillings. In addition, when viewed closely, cavities that are patched with a crown can be almost exactly the same as healthy teeth that are not patched, so that it can help support your appearance.

Of course, all the choices above come back to your own decision, as the owner of the teeth. One thing is certain, both permanent tooth fillings and crowns need extra care because they are more fragile than natural teeth.

Discuss with the dentist who treats you regarding the procedures that will be performed on your teeth as well as the treatments that need to be done so that the condition of your teeth and mouth are healthier.

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