Regarding The Use Of Hand Sanitizers To Prevent Corona

Illustration of Regarding The Use Of Hand Sanitizers To Prevent Corona
Illustration: Regarding The Use Of Hand Sanitizers To Prevent Corona

From some articles that I read. For the use of hand sanitizer, its function is to antibacterial or get rid of germs, although it’s still better to wash hands, but why is hand sanitizer one of the ways to prevent corona viruses while corana is a virus rather than a bacterium? Need prior enlightenment thank you

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The effort to maintain personal hygiene by maintaining the cleanliness of the body, hands, and the environment is one of the steps in preventing disease and disease transmission. If you have tried to follow the general recommendations of official state agencies or international bodies relating to the prevention of the spread and transmission of the Corona virus, then your efforts are generally appropriate. Because prevention that you do according to the recommendations of relevant agencies will help reduce the risk of exposure to the virus from the environment at risk or from patients who are at risk of transmitting the Corona virus.

Some WHO recommendations you can make include:

 Avoid traveling when your health condition decreases Avoid traveling for old age individuals, especially patients with chronic diseases or certain health problems to areas at risk of corona virus spread. Give a distance of about 1 meter to people with complaints of flu or cough or symptoms of corona virus infection. Use ethical methods coughing right Do the habit of maintaining hand hygiene as often as possible, especially after contact with liquids from the respiratory tract Use running water and soap for hand hygiene If water and soap are not available, you can use materials containing alcohol (at least 60%) such as hand sinitizer . Alcohol with a minimum of 60% can kill germs, mold and viruses. Based on information from the WHO "Some enveloped (lipophilic) viruses such as herpes simplex virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), influenza virus, RSV and vaccinia virus are susceptible to alcohol when tested in vitro (Table I.9.3) 213,223,224. For ethical reasons, in vivo tests have not been conducted with HIV. Other enveloped viruses that are somewhat less susceptible, but are killed by 60-70% alcohol, include hepatitis B virus and possibly hepatitis C virus 225. In a porcine tissue carrier model used to study antiseptic activity, 70% ethanol and 70% isopropanol were found to reduce the titres of enveloped bacteriophage more effectively than an antimicrobial soap containing 4% chlorhexidine gluconate129. " This shows that with alcohol-based hand sinitizer, some types of viruses can be prevented by using hand sanitizer if water is not available around you. The use of masks is not recommended for healthy individuals, unless it is a culture or a habit for the individual concerned. Pay attention to food safety recommendations from food consumed, both in your area or in the area of ​​the destination of the trip. If someone returns home from a trip, then a self-evaluation of health should be carried out and an evaluation of the risk of contact when showing signs or symptoms of infection; and immediately contact the authorities for your health evaluation. Thus, the use of hand sanitizers is a recommendation that must be done, if you do not find water and soap to do hand washing or sanitizing your hands. By using a hand sanitizer, the initial steps in prevention and transmission can already be undertaken. And then, after you meet with water and soap, you can continue sanitation with water and soap at least in 20 seconds of the sanitation process. Thus, the personal hygine procedure that you are trying to work can run well.

Regarding further information, you can also consult and discuss with your doctor or lung doctor. Your doctor will provide better information and explanations, relating to prevention and personal hygiene efforts that you can do.

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