Regarding Treatment For Inflammation Of The Cervix?

Illustration of Regarding Treatment For Inflammation Of The Cervix?
Illustration: Regarding Treatment For Inflammation Of The Cervix? Bing

I want to ask is it good to go to a dermatologist or gynecologist for treatment for cervical inflammatory certivitis, because yesterday I had treatment with a gynecologist, the complaint had healed, now it’s back?

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Dear Rika,

The term cervicitis refers to the appearance of signs of inflammation in the cervix. An inflamed cervix can appear swollen, painful, and may even be characterized by vaginal discharge. Some of the causes of cervicitis can include:

having unhealthy sex (unprotected, together with people with sexually transmitted diseases) performing cervical "cleaning" procedures using certain chemicals that may irritate the cervix Although most cervicitis conditions are associated with unhealthy sexual intercourse, cervicitis is a problem generally not checked by a dermatologist, because the examination usually requires a chair and special instruments to facilitate the field of view. In addition, the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso part of the female reproductive system, which is one of the competences of obstetricians. Therefore we recommend that you continue to check with your obstetrician. If the condition then recurs, you can ask for a more complete explanation from the doctor concerned about the risk factors for the recurrence of the disease, or if you are in doubt, then you have the right to have an examination with another obstetrician. Here we attach an article about cervicitis. Hope it is useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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