Regarding Treatment For Recurrent TB?

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, My father contracted TB disease for the second time.

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Tuberculosis (TB, spots) is caused by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis which most often attacks the lungs. In addition, these microorganisms can also infect various other organ systems, including lymph nodes, intestines, skin, and so on. Each of these conditions can have a different treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify first, what type of TB does your father suffer from?

TB patients who have been declared cured can indeed experience TB infection again. In the medical realm, this condition is called a case of relapsed TB (TB recurrence). The triggers are usually related to risk factors that are not handled properly, such as close contact with TB sufferers, living in densely populated slums, malnutrition, impaired immunity (eg due to HIV/AIDS), and so on. Treatment for relapsed TB patients is different from that for those with TB diagnosis for the first time. In this condition, the therapy given is OAT (anti-TB drugs) category 2, which is given for at least 7 months divided into 3 stages, namely the intensive stage (drugs are taken every day), the insertion stage (drugs are taken every day), and the second stage. follow-up (drugs are taken 3 times a week).

Every time you go through each of the stages of OAT therapy above, the doctor will generally evaluate the progress of the disease and the patient's responsiveness. This evaluation is done by X-ray examination, sputum test, or also laboratory tests. Thus, it can be detected whether there is a possibility of drug resistance that requires other alternative therapies to be given. Potential side effects of the drug will also be assessed during this evaluation process. The possibility of changing drugs and how long it will take for each of the above stages of therapy should be discussed directly with the doctor who examined your father, because this can vary from person to person, and cannot be generalized. If your father has problems related to his frequent recurrence of asthma, you should take your father to the nearest health facility (eg health center or clinic) using a comfortable vehicle and keep your father away from allergen exposure (eg cold, dust, animal dander). If necessary, bring oxygen for initial treatment in case of shortness of breath on the way. It is also possible that his asthma was exacerbated by his TB infection which had not been treated properly. Therefore, proper treatment is very important so that your father can return to normal health.

In the meantime, to help optimize healing, help your dad to do the following tips:

Get plenty of rest Keep the living environment clean, ventilated and well lit. Consume healthy foods, rich in calories and protein. Remind your father to take medicine regularly according to the doctor's advice. Take care of his immune system by inviting him to exercise regularly, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. You are to wear a mask, don't cough, spit, or sneeze carelessly. Hope this helps..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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