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, I got the news that the mask was washed. Is this news hoaks or true, because to my knowledge the mask does not last long especially in wet conditions. Trimss “Our masks are getting thinner, and the price of the masks is crazy … so when we go home, we immediately wash our hair and wash our clothes, wash them with soap, then hang them in the sun … Logically … covid 19 virus is dead with soap … so washing the mask with soap has sterilized the mask. Use the correct mask, don’t open the lid … open when you want to take a bath. Until the house, don’t sit anywhere, immediately open the bathing suit. Yes. “

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Hello Rachmat Shidiq,

Thank you for the question.

Masks have many types. A relatively effective mask to anticipate the transmission of the virus by dispelling the splash splash like saliva that comes out when people sneeze, cough, or speak, is to use a mask that has at least a layer of germicidal filter, such as a surgical mask consisting of 3 layers (outer layer of water, layers middle as a filter for germs, and a useful inner layer that absorbs liquid that comes out of the mouth), or mask N95. However, the use of N95 masks is intended for medical workers who are more in need.

Both types of masks are disposable masks that should not be used repeatedly, because of the high risk of contamination after several hours of use of these masks. When you talk about these two types of masks, it is not wise to wash masks with the aim of sterilizing them, because masks that are washed directly by water have the potential to damage the mask and eliminate its benefits.

However, when you talk about cloth masks, where cloth masks can be used as an alternative to surgical masks or N95 which should be prioritized for people who have symptoms and are medical personnel, it never hurts to use these cloth masks. Cloth masks are intended for reuse, so you need to wash and dry the cloth masks in the sun to be used again in the future.

Here's how to use a good mask, which you can read about in this article.

Hopefully this information can help.

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