Rehabilitation Measures For Drug Users?

Illustration of Rehabilitation Measures For Drug Users?
Illustration: Rehabilitation Measures For Drug Users?

. my husband is a drug addict. and I just found out it’s been a year ago. lately he has often seen sakau. what should I do. to overcome the situation like that. what drug do I give. how is my way so that your husband for rehabilitation. how to apply for rehab how.

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Hi DiEan,

Drug abuse is very dangerous because it can cause addiction and only bad effects can be obtained. To be free from drug addiction requires strong intention and determination from addicts to get well and live a normal life again.

In order to get rid of drugs, addicts can do rehabilitation at drug rehabilitation clinics or health centers and hospitals that have drug rehab services / IPWL (recipient agencies must report).

The first step, your husband can report at IPWL voluntarily or on their own. Then the husband can be examined first to ensure his condition and determine the next therapeutic program. During drug rehabilitation, the doctor can give certain drugs accompanied by counseling for addicts.

Drug rehabilitation itself there are 3 stages, namely:

Detoxification: stop total drug use with a doctor's supervision to help reduce symptoms of sakau Non-medical rehabilitation: follow various programs such as therapeutic communities, religious approaches, moral and social support Advanced development stage: prepare former addicts to return to society and lead a normal life For submission of drug rehabilitation , your husband can report to the IPWL directly, request via the BNN online website, or visit a special drug management hospital and consult a psychiatrist. Continue to provide support and positive suggestions to the husband to be separated from the snare of drugs.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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