Relationship Fear Of Someone With Phobias?

Illustration of Relationship Fear Of Someone With Phobias?
Illustration: Relationship Fear Of Someone With Phobias?

Good afternoon,. I want to ask, personally when I talk to other people, I can’t see his eyes. Especially if that person has eyes that are arguably big enough. And subconsciously when I accidentally saw her white eyes I felt a strange thing and reflexively rubbed my own eyes, and it lasted quite a long time. As if I was feeling scared and hurt. Why did something like this happen? and what can be categorized with phobias? thanks.

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Hello Dodoabd,

Phobias are excessive fear of a certain object or situation. Sometimes this fear cannot be explained, for example, fear of certain animals, fear of heights, fear of tight spaces, fear of seeing hollow objects, and so on. Phobias are put into anxiety disorders. Phobias can be mild, or severe to interfere with daily social functions.

Symptoms of a phobia are as follows:

Heart palpitations
Excessive sweating
Tremors (shaking movements such as the hands)
Shortness of breath
Stomach pain that can be followed by loose stools or a feeling of wanting to urinate continuously

The above symptoms appear when the patient is exposed to the object / phobic situation. In severe conditions, just by imagining, the above symptoms can appear. In phobias that distinguish from other mental disorders, the sufferer is aware of what is the object of his fear and surveillance (the level of a person's ability to assess mental problems in himself) which is good.

If in your condition, fear of your eyes hinders your daily work and socialization, it is better to consult further with a mental specialist. The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, look for events / factors behind your fear, check your mental status (appearance, behavior, speech patterns, coordination, cooperation or not, mood, affect, etc.), perform supporting examinations such as blood labs, ct -scan, and eeg (examination of electrical activity in the brain) to rule out the possibility of symptoms caused by another disease.

Phobia treatment includes the administration of SSRI class drugs (selective serotonine reuptake inhibitors), benzodiazepines, beta blockers, etc. Treatment is also combined with psychotherapy (relaxation therapy, therapy by exposing the object of fear so that adaptation occurs). Phobias cannot be taken lightly when accompanied by other mental disorders because the sufferer may have suicidal thoughts. Therefore, you should immediately consult your complaint to your doctor.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it's useful.

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