Relationship Of Blood Donors With Protein Allergies?

Illustration of Relationship Of Blood Donors With Protein Allergies?
Illustration: Relationship Of Blood Donors With Protein Allergies?

During high school, I began to diligently do blood donations every 3 months. Since I started working, I started not doing blood donor because I was busy with work. Since then, I have had an easy ear infection, which my ENT doctor said was caused by a protein allergy (eating too much protein). Whereas since long time ago, I could eat chicken, egg, or sea fish almost every day. Is there any influence of blood donors on allergies that I experienced ??

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Blood donation is an activity that is beneficial for oneself and can also save the lives of others in need.

Benefits of blood donation include:

Maintaining the health of your heart and blood vessels Stimulating the body to increase red blood cell production Knowing health conditions routinely Reducing the risk of heart attack and cancer Protein allergies are usually allergic to the protein content contained in our daily diet. All foods can potentially cause allergies. However, there are some foods that are more likely to cause allergies, such as seafood / seafood (shrimp, fish), nuts, eggs, or milk. Allergies can vary and differ by individual, so it is advisable to note or memorize any foods that can cause allergies.

Symptoms that can occur in protein allergies include:

Itching and rashes on the skin Watery and itchy eyes Swelling of the lips Coughing or sneezing Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea In some cases inflammation in the ear area can occur. Until now there is no definitive evidence that shows the influence of blood donations every 3 months with the risk of allergies. To really determine the diagnosis of protein allergy, you can consult with a specialist in internal medicine and physical examination, blood tests or allergies.

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