Relationship Of Late Menstruation After 1 Month Injection Of Family Planning With GERD Treatment?

. r nin April I menstruated and entered May. My menstruation was not menstruating until this June I tried to test negative results when I had a 1 month family planning program. I often take medicine because I have gastric acid (GERD), does it affect my menstruation? Because since I got GERD, you can say that I was almost stressed for 3 months from April to June.

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1-month injection contraceptive contains the active composition of the synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones which are actually produced naturally in the body. Generally, users of 1-month injection of contraceptives will still experience menstruation every month. However, in some cases, menstruation may become irregular due to side effects of hormonal modification caused by using this family planning. This condition is not always dangerous and also does not necessarily indicate that you are pregnant. As long as it is used properly and disciplined according to the doctor's instructions, 1 month injection of contraception is very effective in preventing pregnancy, even up to 99%.

Unfortunately, it is not clear what medication you are currently taking to treat your GERD pain. However, in general, the drugs used to treat GERD do not have a direct effect on the menstrual cycle.

Apart from the effects of the injection contraceptives you are using, the possibility that the menstrual delay you are currently experiencing is also related to several other causes, for example:

Stress; including those caused by recurrent and recurring GERD disease
The fatigue in activities is too heavy
Rarely do sports, or even exercise too extreme
Eating disorders, eg anorexia, bulimia
Not ideal body weight, such as obesity or too thin

We recommend that you first take the following steps to help smooth your menstruation:

GERD control You regularly see a specialist in internal medicine, especially if you experience a recurrence
Prevent GERD from recurring and recurring, namely by eating small but frequent portions, eating less fried and fatty foods, reducing caffeine, also eating too much closer to bedtime
Manage stress well, including by increasing relaxation, meditation, taking vacations, doing hobbies
Exercise regularly
Avoid obesity
Avoid taking drugs carelessly

However, if your menstrual cycle is still not getting better, don't hesitate to go to a gynecologist directly. The doctor will usually do an ultrasound examination to detect the possibility of pregnancy or other triggers of menstrual delay, such as ovarian cysts, and so on.

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