Relationship Of Nocturnal Enuresis With Bipolar?

Illustration of Relationship Of Nocturnal Enuresis With Bipolar?
Illustration: Relationship Of Nocturnal Enuresis With Bipolar?

.. 2014 I was diagnosed with bipolar when initially the condition that I wanted to check was nocturnal enuresis, since then I continued to undergo check-ups every month, until mid-2018 I chose stop because I felt so, I didn’t feel any big changes but still in the shadows confused and curious about what the symptoms I experienced with bipolar … I still feel unable to understand. Does the doctor want to explain an explanation and a solution? Trimaksih­čÖĆ

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Hello Sri, Thank you for the question.

Nocturnal enuresis is the inability to control urine that comes out (wet the bed) at night. Under normal conditions, nerves in the bladder will send signals to the brain when the bladder is full to pass urine, but in enuresis, this process is interrupted. The symptoms of bedwetting can be followed by symptoms of pain when urinating, discolored urine, excessive thirst, hard stools. Enuresis can be caused by several health conditions and one of them is a psychological disorder. Maybe your doctor suspects that your symptoms are related to bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that causes a person to have drastic and sudden mood swings, from very happy to very sad or vice versa. Before there is a change in mood, there are periods where the sufferer's mood is normal but this change can also occur without a normal period. To diagnose bipolar disorder requires further examination by a mental specialist / psychiatrist, by conducting further questions and answers on you. From the results of this interview, the doctor will ascertain the cause and determine further treatment. In general, it is not recommended that you stop treatment without the doctor's advice, especially not the medicine given by a psychiatrist. Sorry I can't help explaining why you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder. You can re-consult with the doctor who treats you if the corona virus condition has subsided because the explanation of the doctor who examined you, you will get more precise information. In addition, later after this corona situation improves, you are also encouraged to re-consult with a urologist if you still experience symptoms of bedwetting at night so that the doctor can do more examinations to find out other causes of enuresis such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, sleep disorders, spinal cord injury so that it can determine further treatment. At this time it is recommended that you limit your consumption of caffeinated beverages and limit your consumption of water at night. You are also advised to urinate before going to bed and try to get up at night, for example with the help of an alarm, for urinating.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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