Relationship Of Psychological Conditions To Tension Headaches?

Doctor night. my mom had a headache to the spine and always cried in pain. from the lab diagnosis, my mother has TTH, what I want to ask, is my mother’s psychological condition affected by the recovery of TTH? or is there another way to cure? thanks

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Tension Type Headache (TTH), or in Indonesian is called a tension headache is a sensation of headaches such as being compressed or tied and often accompanied by muscle stiffness so that pain radiates to the neck and back. Several factors can cause tension headaches including:

Stress or mental or psychological burden Fatigue or lack of rest Poor posture Poor sleep or work desk lack of exercise Consumption of caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol Too cold or hot air Dehydration The best way to recover from tension headaches is to fight back and avoid the causative factors that have been mentioned above, for example by managing stress, doing meditation and relaxation of the mind, adequate sleep and rest, regular exercise (stretching muscles such as aerobics, swimming) and so on. if necessary it can be helped with pain relievers which are sold freely at pharmacies such as paracetamol.

If the pain is so severe, disturbing, and does not improve you should consult with your doctor about the need to get physiotherapy with a medical rehabilitation specialist

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