Relieve Pain Due To Swollen Knees.?

Illustration of Relieve Pain Due To Swollen Knees.?
Illustration: Relieve Pain Due To Swollen Knees.?

Assalammmualaikum, at that time, my knee immediately fought with my friend’s knee, after that the lower knee was swollen, it was still swollen, and if it was pressed it hurt, so how to get rid of the disease and what is it called? Thanks

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Hello M Iqblz,

Around the knee area are muscles, bones, joints, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue such as tendons, all of which are related to each other in carrying out their functions. A swollen knee indicates an inflammatory process, in this case caused by a collision when you play futsal.

The impact experienced can be in the form of mild to severe collisions with effects on the knee also vary. Here are some of the possible causes of swelling in your condition:

dislocated injury to the meniscus (knee cartilage) injury to the ligaments (connective tissue that plays an important role in the movement of the knee joint) dislocation or displacement of the knee joint or kneecap fracture or fracture due to a strong impact. Fortunately, to overcome your complaint, the doctor needs to make sure the first cause of your complaint. To find out it needs to be done a direct examination, and if needed, the doctor will recommend supporting examinations such as X-rays or CT-Scan.

After knowing the diagnosis of your complaint then the doctor will suggest the most appropriate treatment. In these cases, the treatment varies from taking medication, surgery to physiotherapy.

That way, we strongly recommend that you immediately consult a doctor. Some things you can do at home include:

resting the injured knee. lie down or if you are forced to stand up use the help of a stick so that not too much weight rests on the injured knee. compress ice for 15-20 minutes 2 to 3 times a day for up to 3 days after an injury or until you see a doctor when sitting or lying down, elevate your knee position to consume pain relievers that are sold on the market, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to avoid massage so that bleeding and the swelling does not worsen, do not consume alcoholic beverages because it will hinder your healing so that what can be conveyed may be useful

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