Remedies For Itchy Ears?

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Itchy ears can be caused by many things, one of which is an outer ear infection (Otitis Externa) caused by fungal, bacterial infections. The cause of tellinga itching apart from being caused by an outer ear infection can also be caused by:

Insect bites
Irritation of shampoo or soap
Allergy to certain ear medications
Excessive sweating in the ears
Dirt from soap in the ears

Ear care steps that you can do at home to reduce itching and prevent itching in your ears

Avoid cleaning your ears by inserting a cotton bud too often and too harshly
If you want to remove earwax, just wipe the dirt with a cotton swab
What if the ear is wet dry with a hairdryer,
Use protection so that the ears are not exposed to water when bathing or swimming
Temporarily avoid swimming
Remove all objects that are in the ear, such as earrings, hearing aids.
Take pain relievers such as paracetamol if necessary.
Avoid using ear drops without a prescription from a doctor

If you have done the things above, but the itching does not go away, immediately check your ears with an ENT doctor, so that further treatment is carried out according to the cause.

Read about itchy ear remedy

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