Remedy For Skin Rashes.?

Illustration of Remedy For Skin Rashes.?
Illustration: Remedy For Skin Rashes.?

I have a red rash that is not itchy, but my red rash appears to disappear in the palms, arms and legs. Sometimes the rash is large and sometimes the rash is small and I have experienced this for 4 days. I have been taking anti-allergic medicines but still don’t treat the rash that appears missing

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Red rashes on the skin can occur due to several things, such as allergies, bacterial infections, fungi, irritation, and others. In the process of handling, the cause needs to be ascertained first, so that appropriate treatment can be given. There is some additional information that can help to distinguish some of these diseases:

Allergies, symptoms that arise are usually triggered by exposure to certain allergens, such as cold weather, exposure to certain particles such as dust, carpet with certain materials, after consumption of certain foods, etc. In addition, allergies are more often accompanied by symptoms of itching. Because the onset of symptoms often recurs, it can usually be learned the pattern of appearance of these symptoms.
Bacterial infections, can be in the form of red spots, can blister and fill with fluid, or leave a yellowish (golden) crust. In certain conditions can be accompanied by fever.
Fungal infections, more often accompanied by symptoms of itching, especially when sweating. Skin lesions that arise can usually arise (compared to surrounding skin), with a healing process in the middle.
Insect bite or insect bite, can be caused by mosquito bites, ants, bed bugs, and others
Irritation, due to being exposed to several types of objects / substances repeatedly such as soap, some types of copper / iron, etc.
Stress. Although often considered unrelated, there are a number of skin conditions that only arise when the patient feels stressed / think a lot.
Idiopathic. In this condition, an examination has been carried out but the exact cause of the rash cannot be identified.

Therefore, the use of anti-allergic drugs will only have an effect if the cause of your illness is an allergic process, but not for other causes. If this complaint has occurred frequently, or starts to interfere with your activities and rest, I suggest to check with a general practitioner or dermatologist, so that more complete examinations, such as physical examinations, blood laboratory tests, allergy tests, etc. other.

Some things you can do include:

Keeping the skin in a clean condition
Keep the skin from getting too dry, by rinsing the soap properly
Keep the skin from getting too moist, for example using socks for a long time, or using tight clothes
Avoid stress

So, hopefully you can help.

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