Remembering The Past?

Illustration of Remembering The Past?
Illustration: Remembering The Past?

I always remember my past, especially before going to bed, or when I was alone, when that happened I remembered the words that were said directly that hurt me, what were the sentences, the intonation of their speech, so that when I realized I felt pain again in my chest, even though I have forgiven forgot about it, but it often happens, the voices are always heard in my head, do I have mental disorders or stress? What should I do

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Hello Kimberly

Remembering something that hurts their feelings is usually experienced by those who are quite sensitive in their feelings. So that not infrequently even remember these things which ultimately make him even sadder or more depressed.

Mental health problems are both complex and complex, even though a person has a way of seeing and thinking or behaving differently from most people, it does not make that person experience mental health problems. Moreover, if the person is still able to socialize with other people, there is no intention of hurting himself or others, he can still carry out basic life needs (eating, drinking, bathing, sleeping).

Kimberly is expected not to remember too much or reminisce about things and events that hurt your feelings, namely by keeping yourself busy with various activities. Because usually during spare time someone often daydreams and remembers these things.

Kimberly can join in various activities, for example studying / working, pursuing a hobby (hobby), joining a community that builds up, such as a religious community according to one's beliefs, or a sports community, study group, etc.

In addition, avoid watching sad movies or songs that tend to bring a sad mood, you should watch comedy shows or cheerful songs and increase the spirit so that the mood becomes happy. And instill confidence in yourself that the past is a valuable lesson to reach a much more beautiful future, so don't just focus on the past.

If Kimberly's complaints have been so disturbing that it becomes difficult to eat and drink, not shower, have trouble sleeping, tend to or have an intention to hurt yourself or others. So Kimberly should immediately consult a psychiatric doctor directly, so that a more in-depth evaluation can be done so that you can determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

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dr. Arnold

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