Remove Acne Scars By Laser?

Illustration of Remove Acne Scars By Laser?
Illustration: Remove Acne Scars By Laser?

Good afternoon doctor, I’m a 21 year old woman. I am currently using isotretinoin to treat my acne problem for 8 years. And it has been used for 3 months. Praise God, my acne is now scarred and my pockmarks are almost full on the face. R nWhat I want to ask can I do a dermaroller or laser for acne scars but I’m still consuming isotretinoin ?? Because the minimum use of isotretinoin is 8 months. And I use it without a doctor’s prescription. Please enlighten, doctor, thank you.

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Isotretinoin is a vitamin A derivative drug that is used for the treatment of cystic and stubborn acne. This drug is a strong drug that should be used on the advice of a doctor because of the side effects that can occur.

Acne scars are very annoying, there are many types of acne scars that can be treated with the = method

Laser. Peeling Microdermabrasion. Punch method. Skingraft. Depending on the type of scar and the severity of your condition, the method of treatment will be determined by your doctor.

Currently, there are no contraindications or restrictions regarding the use of the drug isotretinoin with laser treatment or microdermabrasion. For best results, we highly recommend using this technique with a competent expert doctor to get optimal results.

The use of lasers and microdermabrasion that is not carried out by experts is at risk of causing other skin disorders such as post-procedure hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that are difficult to remove, infection, skin irritation. In addition, you need to be careful with other types of keratolytic drugs (salicylic acid) because they can cause increased irritation.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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