Remove Burn Scars?

Illustration of Remove Burn Scars?
Illustration: Remove Burn Scars?

At night, connecting my case at that time exposed to magicom vapor, now thank God my child’s hands are healed but the middle finger of his flesh is tingling so it causes a bit to bend a little, if my son’s finger can return to normal, or is there a special doctor’s recommendation that can be handle my problems, please I am so devastated every time I see a finger my child always feels guilty, thanks in advance 🙏🙏

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Hello Veer,

Sometimes burns can leave scars. Various burn scars, including:

Hypertrophic: scars appear elevated, can be reddish or purplish
Contratur: the skin appears to be constricted or teratric, if it is in a joint area it can interfere with joint movement
Keloids: thickening of the skin that rises and can expand beyond the wound

To ensure your child's scar, the most appropriate step is to bring your child to see a dermatologist first. Your doctor will see first hand the condition of your child's fingers and provide appropriate follow-up care. Handling will be adjusted to the condition of your child.

For example, if there are contractures and movement disorders, the doctor can do physiotherapy, but if it doesn't improve or interfere with appearance, the doctor can refer your child to a plastic surgery department for surgery.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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