Remove Fine Seeds From The Skin Of The Hand?

Illustration of Remove Fine Seeds From The Skin Of The Hand?
Illustration: Remove Fine Seeds From The Skin Of The Hand?

I want to ask, on the part of my hand there are fine seeds inside, not on the outside of the skin. According to it because of what? Then how to reduce or eliminate it? thanks. Please answer

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Hi princess,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, in which hand exactly the fine seeds appear? What is the consistency like? How big is the size? Does it feel painful, itch, or other complaints appear? How long has your complaint appeared?

Complaints in the form of fine seeds in the skin can actually be very subjective. To confirm the exact cause of this complaint, doctors need to do a physical examination directly. If true mass is found in the skin, the doctor may also recommend further examination, for example a biopsy, and so on.

The fine seeds in your skin that you experience may be caused by:

Callus (calluses) Skin infections, for example due to ulcers, acne, folliculitis, warts Other skin inflammation, for example due to contact dermatitis, drug eruption Skin tumors, for example due to sebaceous cysts, dermoid cysts, pilaris cysts, lipomas, sebaceous hyperplasia Hyperkeratosis, etc. Unfortunately , You did not explain in detail what the exact characteristics of the fine seeds are. Therefore, it is quite difficult for us to identify what the best way to handle your complaint.

Our advice, check your condition directly to the doctor or dermatologist so that you can directly identify what exactly causes your complaint. That way, your doctor can give you the best treatment, such as by giving special creams or ointments, surgery, and so on.

At this time, avoid squeezing excessively the fine seeds that appear. Take care of your personal hygiene better, including by showering diligently, washing your hands more diligently, and always use clean clothes. Do not carelessly provide treatment for skin experiencing complaints, except on the advice of a doctor directly.

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