Repeated Ulcers Develop Around The Head In Toddlers?

Illustration of Repeated Ulcers Develop Around The Head In Toddlers?
Illustration: Repeated Ulcers Develop Around The Head In Toddlers?

Hello … r nMy son is 2 years old, and boils grow around the head … and I have taken it to the doctor 3x … but why does that boil always grow and grow again … r nTrime in love

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In general, boils (boils) are not a dangerous condition. But indeed, there are some people who are prone to recurrent boils that can be very annoying, not only in terms of appearance, but also causes pain, bumps, swelling, and redness of the skin. In children, the presence of recurring boils can also make him more fussy and difficult to sleep.

These ulcers occur due to bacteria (often a type of Satphylococcus aureus) that infects hair follicles. Usually, these bacteria can enter and infect the skin through open wounds on the skin, either due to mechanical injury or insect bite marks. This condition is susceptible to recurrence in people with poor skin hygiene, close contact with other Staphylococcus bacteria infections, have poor immune system (for example in infants, children, the elderly, people with HIV or diabetes), or also have certain skin conditions (for example acne or eczema).

If it is true that this condition is happening to your child, you should check it directly to the doctor, pediatrician, or dermatologist. If a more serious condition is suspected, your doctor may also advise your child to undergo further tests, for example laboratory tests or biopsy to rule out other causes that can cause clinical manifestations resembling boils. The handling can later be done simply by observation, topical or oral medication administration, even surgery (incision and drainage) if needed.

At home, here are the steps you should take:

Clean your child's skin well, including by bathing it cleanly, using special baby skin products, and also using your child with clean clothes and towels
In boils that appear on the head, be diligent in washing the child's hair and prevent the child from using a dirty head covering
If there are other people near your child who have an infectious skin disease, avoid contacting your child too closely
Do not break forced boils that appear by hand or any instrument
Compress boils with warm water
Wash your hands thoroughly before contacting your child
Be diligent in washing your child's hands as well
Give the child understanding not to touch the boils excessively

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