Replace The Bandage On The Removed Thumb Nail?

Illustration of Replace The Bandage On The Removed Thumb Nail?
Illustration: Replace The Bandage On The Removed Thumb Nail?

Hello, a week ago when I pulled out the motor in the narrow parking area I unconsciously kicked my standard motorbike and the toe of my thumb cookie then lifted me up to UGD for nail extraction, when I finished nail extraction I bandaged and told to go control 2 / 3 days to replace the bandages, I have 3x control, but it hasn’t been dry for 8 days and my nails are wounded, I think what should be removed so that it can dry quickly because if the bandage continues there is no air entering? So when should I take off my toe bandages, the condition is now not so painful and can walk quite normally

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Hello Namhar Kimah,

Nail extraction (pulling the nails out of the place of growth) is done if there is a state of ingrowing toe nails, chronic onychomycosis, trauma, or tumors in the nail area. Nail extraction is performed under a block in the finger area where the nails will be removed. After the patient's actions are generally given pain relievers, antibiotics, and part of the nail that is lifted will be given a bandage / dressing / gauze with the aim to keep the wound clean, create a moist environment for tissue growth, as well as to absorb excess fluid / pus / blood if any . Bandages and gauze can be replaced in 24-48 hours to keep it from getting too wet and keeping it clean.

Some tips for home care after nail extraction are as follows:

Make sure the nail area is clean, dry, and covered with good stress. After the action, keep the wound area dry, not exposed to water. If you can do wound care at home, change the gauze every 24 hours in the first few days

When lying down, place your feet higher (propped up with several pillows) from the position of the heart. This aims to help reduce swelling

You should avoid using shoes or socks that are too tight and use cotton socks

A bandage is opened if from a physical examination by a doctor, the tissue under the nail (nail difference) has healed. After that the most important treatment is to maintain clean toe nails, avoid activities that are too heavy like kicking the ball, running, etc. for some time, avoiding foot contact with dirty water. If there is pain accompanied by redness / swelling on the toe, pus out, and you feel a fever / chills, you should immediately check back to the doctor. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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