Respiratory Disorders In People With GBS?

Illustration of Respiratory Disorders In People With GBS?
Illustration: Respiratory Disorders In People With GBS?

My sister is infected with the GBS virus and now her breathing is not normal … can it be cured if I can cure it for a long time?

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Guilllain Barre Syndrome (GBS) is a rare disease that causes weakness in the limbs. Weakness will initially occur in the lower limbs then spreads upward about the hand, respiratory muscles so that it can affect the muscles of the eyeball.

GBS occurs due to immune system disorders that attack the nervous system. This causes damage to nerve fibers. The main cause is still unknown exactly. However, it is thought that a history of virus or bacterial attacks that infect the body before causing an overreaction in the immune system to be able to attack the nervous system in the body.

Some viral infections that can increase the risk of GBS are campylobacter a bacterium that can be found in undercooked animal products especially from poultry causing diarrhea, influenza virus, citomegalovirus, epstain barr virus, zika virus, hepatitis virus, bacteria that cause lung infection / pneumonia, procedures less sterile operation, etc.

Symptoms that can occur include:

Progressive muscular weakness of the limbs With or without tingling Impaired coordination of the limbs making it difficult to walk, and moving Shortness of breath due to weakening of the respiratory muscles Double vision if it attacks the eyeball crusters Difficult moving the face such as talking, swallowing, chewing, etc. Cramps / pain Difficult to regulate urination / defecation Blood pressure disorders
Etc. Until now, there has been no treatment that can eliminate the causes of GBS. Treatment is focused on preventing complications and accelerating recovery. Plasmapheresis (plasma replacement) and immunoglobulins are the current therapeutic options to help relieve symptoms. Both types of treatment work to prevent bad antibodies that can potentially damage the nervous system.

It takes time that varies from a matter of months to years by sufferers of GBS to get better again. Approximately 80% of patients have a significant cure rate, which is able to walk alone within 6 months, but this depends on how the severity of the disease experienced. 60% of patients experience motor improvement / movement within 1 year after diagnosis is established and 5-10% experience delays / imperfect healing. These figures are obtained from GBS case studies.
We recommend that you consult with a neurologist to get a thorough evaluation and empowerment of therapies that are appropriate for your sister's condition.
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