Restores Leg Function After Femur Fracture Surgery?

Assallamualaikum doctor. R nI am jona, age 33 years r nI have a fracture of the femur, it’s been 5 months after the surgery. nBut why is it that the power on my legs hasn’t returned to normal, so if I put it on, it’s still a bit shaking. When I sit in a chair and I lift my legs and straighten them too, not strong until they are 100% straight. R nDo you need to be trained or what? R nAnd if you are trained how to train it? R n r nThe second, the pen is able to support how many pounds is it? r nbecause I wonder why there are cases of bent or broken pins r n r nThank you for your time and best wishes to all Indonesian doctors.

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Hello Jona,

When you have a fracture of your thighbone / femur fractue, you are generally not allowed to use that leg until the bone has healed and can return to its normal function. These unused leg muscles will experience a loss of mass / shrink and become weak. Before you can return to using your legs, it is generally recommended that you do thigh strengthening exercises by doing thigh muscle contractions (quadriceps and hamstrings muscles) or muscle isometric exercises. Then, this exercise is followed by isotonic exercises, namely by lifting weights on the sore leg. After muscle strength returns, you can also slowly walk on the broken leg starting from half resting on the leg (partial weight bearing) to finally fully resting on the leg (full weight bearing). Usually when you start walking you will need crutches to help support your weight.

Please consult with a medical rehabilitation specialist. Your doctor will ask about your injury and assess your physical condition. The doctor will then provide you with an exercise program that you can follow, which is usually guided by a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will help you to make this muscle-strengthening exercise program suitable for your condition and you can slowly regain your muscle strength and walking.

Broken plates or pins usually occur when someone who has fractured a bone prematurely uses the limb to lift / hold a certain weight. Bone healing generally lasts 3-6 months. If the patient uses the broken part to lift or hold the weight too early than the doctor recommends, the bone is still brittle so it can break again and have an impact on the plate or pen that has been installed.

Please consult your orthopedic specialist about this further.

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Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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