Result Of A Tooth Infection?

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at night doctor rnDoc, my sister has had a toothache for almost 1 week. what I feel is like a pinch of pain, it really hurts around the ear, it hurts so bad, my mouth is hard to open because it hurts. It’s been compressed, but there’s no change. I’ve been taking medicine, but it still hurts. He was taken to the hospital and he was given an IV and given medicine but there were no blood tests or X-rays. About 4 hours home because it’s getting better. This afternoon he was shivering again until he turned pale. Is the shivering because of the teeth? Or what ? What should I do for my kk? Is it like that already hit the nerves?

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Hi Thevivie,

Toothache generally arises from an infection in the tooth and surrounding tissue. This condition can indeed cause excessive pain, fever, to chills like what your sister experienced.

If your sister has consulted a doctor, then you should continue taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor until it is complete. It takes time for symptoms to improve and the infection is resolved. If the cause of the infection originates from the teeth, after the infection is resolved, further treatment is still needed by the dentist to address the underlying cause.

Other possibilities aside from tooth infection, fever can also originate from other factors such as:

Various types of bacterial and viral infections (strep throat, flu, respiratory tract infections, typhus, dysentery, chickenpox, urinary tract infections)
Infections due to mosquito bites (dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya)

Hyperthyroidism (high blood levels of thyroid hormone)
Arthritis (joint inflammation)
Consumption of certain drugs

If the complaint doesn't get better, then your sister should return to control the doctor who treated her. The doctor will carry out further tests to explore the underlying cause, both through a physical examination and supporting tests if needed such as blood tests, X-Rays or CT scans. Thus, proper treatment can be given to your sister according to her basic condition.

Here's some advice for your sister:

Consume enough water 2-3 liters a day to prevent dehydration during a fever
Wear clothes made from cool, not too thick, and can absorb sweat well
Maintain healthy teeth by brushing your teeth regularly
Get plenty of rest and consume a balanced nutritious diet to maintain your immune system

The following articles contain related information:


So hopefully useful.

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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