Result Of Non-sterile Needle Sticks?

Illustration of Result Of Non-sterile Needle Sticks?
Illustration: Result Of Non-sterile Needle Sticks? Bing

I have permission to ask, since I entered college I have often been punctured with non-sterile needles and I have received material about HIV/AIDS. I was afraid that because of the needle prick I got the disease. While the oenyaiit can be known after 10 to 20 years. What should I do? Please answer and advice. Thank you

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Hello Rome

An unsterilized needle is at risk of contracting various blood-borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B/C/D, for example. For this reason, it is expected to be careful when using or in contact with syringes so as not to get punctured by needles that have been used by other people. If stabbed, usually every health facility or educational institution (health) has standard operating procedures for the incident, such as having to immediately report to whom so that preventive measures can be given to prevent contracting the disease after being pricked by the unsterile needle.

What Rome can do now is consult a doctor while remembering who the used needle was used by before? is it used to inject someone's body??? and whether the person has a disease that can be transmitted through blood??? If so, it is necessary to have a medical examination by a doctor to determine whether the incident caused you to contract the disease or not.

You don't have to worry if the syringe is only used to dissolve drugs or other uses as long as it's not for injecting other people's bodies or being exposed to other people's body fluids.

Symptoms of HIV / AIDS can indeed appear after several years or even a dozen years after exposure. However, HIV detection can be carried out faster, namely as early as 7 days from the risk exposure (with the NAT test, but not many health facilities can do this) or with a fairly common detection, namely antibody testing which can detect about 3 weeks from exposure. .

However, it would be better if Roma checked with a doctor before carrying out the examination, because after all, laboratory examinations were only a means to assist in determining a person's health condition.

Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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