Results Of Blood Tests In Children Aged 4 Years?

Illustration of Results Of Blood Tests In Children Aged 4 Years?
Illustration: Results Of Blood Tests In Children Aged 4 Years?

Good morning, r n My 4 year old child has 7 days of fever fluctuating. On the 3rd day I took the doctor to the doctor and had an initial diagnosis of inflammation, coughing and colds. R nBut after 4 medications, my ankle was still feverish. R nOn day 5 I moved doctors and was ordered to have a blood test with results r nHB 11.3 r nLeukocytes 4500 r n Platelets 153,000 r nHT 35.1 r nSalmonella typhi 0 1/160 r nIs my child positive for typhus? Because tonight he still has a fever at 38.6. R nThank you doctor.

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Hello Juhan,

In the results of supporting examinations, there is usually a reference value included. This is because the reference values ​​for each laboratory can be slightly different. Since you did not include your laboratory reference value, then I am using the reference value in general.

In general, Hb is still within normal limits (10-16 g / dL), leukocytes are slightly decreased but not significant (5700-18000 cells / mm3), platelets are within normal limits (150000-450000 cells / mm3), Ht / hematocrit are within normal limits. (33-38%). However, the reference value may differ in each laboratory and the unit must also be ascertained.

As for the results of the Widal test, the Widal test is one of the supporting examinations that is often carried out in Indonesia. The limit of positive value for widal examination actually depends on the research and the level of typhoid endemic in each region. In general, in Indonesia it is said to be positive if the O titer is 1/320 or more, or if there is a 4x increase in titer compared to the previous examination with an examination interval of 1-2 weeks. The downside of the Widal test is that it can produce false positive and false negative results. Negative widal test also cannot rule out a diagnosis of typhus. Examination for typhus that is currently more specific and sensitive and minimizes false results for typhus is the TUBEX test

Please note that the results of investigations such as those you give cannot stand alone and must be combined with the history and physical examination results. Therefore, if at this time your child is still feverish, I highly recommend that your child go back to the doctor and bring your child's lab results so that the doctor can re-evaluate your child's condition. Furthermore, the doctor will provide appropriate treatment according to the results of the examination.

Typhus can not be diagnosed only by laboratory results and routine blood, but it needs anamnesis / interview and also a thorough physical examination. Apart from typhus, fever in children can also be caused by dengue fever, measles, smallpox, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and other viral or bacterial infections.

Meanwhile, to help healing, you can do the following tips:

Drink plenty of water. Let the child rest enough. Avoid giving the child a jacket or thick blanket. Compress with warm water. Provide healthy and nutritious food that is easy to digest. The following articles are related to the topic of your question:

Fever in children

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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