Results Of Examination Of 1 Month Old Baby With Yellow Skin?

My baby is 1 month older than 2 days. R nDue to yellow than 8 days old. R nRs first give a referral for a blood test to the second hospital. R nAfter in the second hospital, the doctor blg if my child is not already got yellow again. But the blood test according to the reference. R n r nAnd the results r nIg M-cmv 0.03 negative r nIg G-cmv 53 positive r n r nWhat is the meaning of that? r nDid my child really recover? r nPlease explain r nThank you

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Yellow skin on a baby or also called jaundice / jaundice is a condition that is quite common. This condition can be normal due to organ function in infants that are still not perfect (can disappear, normally in infants full months <14 days or in premature babies <21 days without the need for therapy) or due to certain conditions in infants, such as infection Cytomegalovirus (CMV) during pregnancy.

CMV infection is a viral infection that can attack anyone through body fluids that have been contaminated with viruses, such as saliva, blood, urine, and so forth. If humans are infected with this virus, it can usually cause mild symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, colds, and even not cause symptoms. However, to worry about is if infected with the virus while pregnant. Because, if a pregnant woman is infected for the first time, the mother will form a body's defense system, called immunoglobulin M (IgM) and show a new infection, but this IgM cannot cross the placenta so the fetus is not protected from the virus infection. Whereas in mothers who had previously been infected, mothers already have immune immunoglobulin G (IgG) that can cross the placenta. So if during pregnancy again affected, the fetus already has immunity in the form of IgG from the mother.

Some things that can be caused by CMV infection during pregnancy are:

premature birth
fetal death in the womb
yellow in the baby at birth (this is why your baby has yellow, the doctor checks to determine the CMV infection)
viral infection of the fetal brain
small baby's head size (will inhibit brain function)
and so forth.

Based on the results of your examination, a negative IgM indicates that there is no new / active infection in the baby, while a positive IgG indicates that there is immunity in the baby due to an old infection (immune from the mother).

Apart from CMV infection, there are still many other causes that can result in yellow babies, such as:

Premature babies, so that many organ functions are not yet 'mature' perfectly
Lack of breast milk intake in infants (breastfeeding jaundice)
Organ abnormalities, such as blockages in the gallbladder or liver disorders
The incompatibility of mother's blood or rhesus with the baby
Other infections, such as rubella, syphilis, etc.

Therefore, it should be noted whether the yellow in the baby is now gone or the yellow remains and the cause of yellow in the baby at the age of 8 days. If the baby is not yellow at this time (you can see the baby's white eyes) and growth and development goes according to age, then the cause may have been resolved.

However, if the baby is still yellow, weak, seems to be sleepy, has difficulty breastfeeding, has a fever, or the growth and development is stunted, you need to have your child checked by a pediatrician or the nearest hospital. In the meantime, pay attention to the baby and the changes that occur in the baby, get breast milk for every 2 hours, and always control to Posyandu / Puskesmas / Hospital to monitor the growth and development of your child.

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That's all, hopefully it's useful, and hopefully it's always healthy.


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