Results Of Examination Of Thyroid Levels In Infants?

Illustration of Results Of Examination Of Thyroid Levels In Infants?
Illustration: Results Of Examination Of Thyroid Levels In Infants?

if the TSH results are within the normal range of 2.64 with a reference value of 0.70-15.20. Then free T4 with the results of 2.74 with a reference value of 0.86-2.49. Is my baby hypo or hyperthyroid? Then do I have to drink PTU again? I used hyperthyroidism and it was normal until I gave birth.

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Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism is a collection of symptoms due to thyroid hormones in the body experiencing excess (for hyperthyoid) or deficiency (for hypothyroidism)

Hyperthyroidism itself is characterized by various clinical symptoms including heat resistance, fatigue, heart palpitations, and so on, while hypothyroidism is characterized by symptoms of not being able to withstand cold, rising BB, slow heart rate, and so on. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are divided into primary and secondary types.

For the results of the examination you submit above, it can be seen that TSH is within normal limits and T4 has increased. However, to ascertain whether your baby has hyperthyroidism or not, it must be accompanied by a complete physical examination, growth and development examination, as well as several other supporting examinations needed. Therefore you are advised to consult a doctor or pediatrician by bringing the results of your blood test.

In connection with your question as well, consulting your doctor or specialist in internal medicine in advance is highly recommended in order to determine whether you should take PTU again or not. Therefore, a thorough examination must be done before starting a therapy.

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