Results Of HBsAg Examination

Illustration of Results Of HBsAg Examination
Illustration: Results Of HBsAg Examination

Selmat Malam Doc, Doc I want to ask after we have done the “HBsAg and Anti HBs” test with the results: Non-Reactive, Do I need to do the HbcAg Test? And if someone has recovered from acute hepatitis B, can it still be transmitted. Thank you doctor for your attention.

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Hello Irwan, Thank you for your question.

Hepatitis B is inflammation of liver cells caused by hepatitis B virus infection. This virus can be transmitted from patient to other person by unprotected sexual relations with the sufferer, sharing syringes with sufferers, receiving blood transfusions that are contaminated with the virus, and from mother to child during labor.

 Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) is a blood test to detect the presence of antigens / proteins on the surface of the hepatitis B virus. If the result is non-reactive / negative, then no virus is found in the blood. However, it is necessary to confirm what blood tests you are asking / live because if someone has had a hepatitis B infection before, when healed it should be formed in the body of antibodies (anti-HBs) produced by the immune system, so that when examined the results of anti-HBs will show reactive / positive results. If both results are negative, anti-HBc testing is usually required. A positive anti-HBc result (accompanied by two previous test results) can show a possible conclusion: a hepatitis B sufferer has recovered, a chronic infection with a low viral load, or an acute infection that is in the healing stage.

If a person has recovered from acute hepatitis B then there is no longer a hepatitis B virus in his body and that person cannot transmit the virus to other people.

The best step to interpret the results of blood testing is to consult with an internist who previously handled the patient so that the interpretation of the results was carried out more precisely, bearing in mind having to know the condition of the patient beforehand.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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