Results Of Pregnancy Ultrasound?

, I am 24 weeks pregnant. I received ultrasound with a result of FL 36.BPD 59.5.AC 182.7 … are all the results normal?

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Hello, Riantyfazero Sumarden, thank you for asking

Ultrasound in pregnancy aims to see the condition of the fetus (whether the fetus is growing according to its age, heart rate, or whether there are abnormalities), estimate the age of the fetus, see the condition of the placenta, and see the condition of the amniotic fluid.

To see the estimated fetal weight and fetal age, several parameters are examined. The parameters checked are in accordance with the gestational age. FL (fetal femur length), BPD (biparietal diameter / fetal head diameter), and AC (abdominal circumference) are measured together to see the estimated fetal weight.

Based on the measurements you submitted, the estimated fetal weight is still within normal limits according to gestational age. In addition, BPD and AC are still within normal limits. FL results show a value below the normal limit. However, ultrasound is a supporting examination whose results and interpretation really depend on the examiner (who did the ultrasound on you). So, consult about the results of this ultrasound at the doctor who examined you directly. Don't forget to routinely perform ANC (Antenatal Care) and perform a pregnancy ultrasound at least once in each trimester, or according to your doctor's recommendation.

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