Results Of Quantitative HBsAg Examination?

Illustration of Results Of Quantitative HBsAg Examination?
Illustration: Results Of Quantitative HBsAg Examination?

Good night. Introduce me Ahmad 28 years old man … I already know Hep B since 2010. Since 2010 until now I have never taken anti-viral medication. When blood tests the results were quite good, namely: HbeAg (-) Anti Hbe (+) Hbv DNA (undetectable) SGOT 29SGPT 31 Fibroscan examination is also quite good namely 5.1 KPA stifness. However, when checking for HBsAg Quantitative results are still (+) Cons: 2523.15 The questions: 1. Can this condition be HBsag negative without being treated? 2. What is meant by Cons: 2523,153. Can the condition take anti-viral medication? Because the plan is I want to try consuming lamivudine. Please get an accurate answer. Thank you

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Hepatitis B is a disease that attacks the liver / liver organ caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. This virus will cause liver tissue damage, interfere with the function of the liver, and eventually cause liver cirrhosis, and have an increased risk factor for contracting cancer / malignancy in the liver if not treated adequately. However, HBV virus can last a lifetime, but does not give significant symptoms to the body, this condition needs to be controlled regularly.

Quantitative HBsAg examination shows the amount of antigen to the surface of the hepatitis B virus in the body, the presence of HBsAg that was detected after you were infected from 2010 indicates the presence of chronic hepatitis B. The formation of the body's immunity to this antigen will be detected as a positive Anti HBs in serological examination. For discussions on the use of antivirals and the results of serological examinations it should be done by the doctor in charge who recommends the serology examination. The use of antivirals is also done when an indication is obtained and can be consumed according to doctor's instructions. For more information about hepatitis B can access this link.

Avoid activities that are too heavy, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, avoid foods that contain lots of fat, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and adequate rest, avoid consuming medication alone without consulting a doctor.

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