Results Of The HCV RNA Lab Test?

Illustration of Results Of The HCV RNA Lab Test?
Illustration: Results Of The HCV RNA Lab Test?

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For individuals who plan to do blood donations, screening examinations are indeed carried out to prevent the risk of transmitting infection from donor blood to donor recipients, thus, further examinations that you carry out on the advice of an internal medicine doctor are an important step in determining the diagnosis and treatment results carried out at patients with HCV infection.

From the results of the examinations you have undergone, there are quantitative and qualitative examination results, and the possibility of both of these examinations using the taqman test. The indications for quantitative HCV RNA examination are to identify acute HCV infection before antibodies are formed (<2 months) and evaluate the patient's progression of therapy.

Qualitative examination results showed no detectable HCV virus. While the results of the quantitative examination Cobas Taqman are at a loq value of 25 iu / ml. The value of the power limit of detection for this tool is 15Iu / ml. This indicates the viral load in your body. Viral load is mostly used to determine the progress of treatment of patients with HCV. Therefore, the likelihood of a previous viral load was high, and currently it can fall to 25 Iu / ml.

Therefore, it is best to re-evaluate it in the next 1-2 months.

In patients with suspected HCV infection, it can also be considered to do EIA for Anti HCV or RIBA for Anti HCV, this will be confirmed by the results of the real time PCR examination that has been done.

In patients with positive antibody but real time PCR HCV RNA shows undetected, they are declared not infected.

If a positive anti-body and taqman HCV RNA are detected, this indicates an active HCV infection in the patient.


1. by doing an anti body HCV examination will help diagnose according to the HCV infection diagnostic algorithm

2. It is necessary to do a re-examination evaluation in the presence of a detectable viral load above LLD 15 IU / ml

3. discuss with your internal medicine doctor to confirm your clinical condition and also the treatment plan

That is the information we can convey, read also the LLD HCV RNA test. and the HCV diagnostic algorithm.


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