Results Of Urine Culture Examination In Patients With UTI?

Illustration of Results Of Urine Culture Examination In Patients With UTI?
Illustration: Results Of Urine Culture Examination In Patients With UTI?

night, I want to ask, I already from June I suffer from isk, have taken several kinds of drugs given by the doctor, but have not recovered as well, then I was told to do a urine culture test, and the result is 1000 germs / ml, and declared not an infection, but the results my urinalysis test before the culture test, there was still positive blood and bacteria. from the results is it possible I suffer from other diseases and not isk? please answer, thank you very much.

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Hello Ranggadhitya Arifin, thank you for asking

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that attacks the urinary system namely the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. UTI can be classified into 2 based on the place of infection, namely upper UTI and lower UTI. Upper UTI is an infection that occurs in the upper part of the bladder, namely the kidneys and ureters. And lower UTIs occur in the bladder and ureter.

Urinary tract infections can be asymptomatic or symptomatic. The following symptoms can occur, namely:

Nausea, vomiting especially in upper UTI
Pain when urinating
Frequency of urination increases or 'fissures'
Urgency is not able to resist the urge to urinate
Pain in the lower abdomen
The smell of urine is very strong
The color of urine becomes cloudy
There is blood in the urine

The discovery of blood in the urine called hematuria is indeed one of the symptoms of UTI. And this UTI needs to be confirmed by a number of additional tests such as urinalysis and urine culture.

On the examination of urinalysis results that indicate suspicion of UTI are found when nitrite, bacteria and leukocyte esterase. And blood findings on urinalysis do not always preclude UTI, but can be caused by other causes.

Examination which is the gold standard for diagnosing UTI is by urine culture, where urine culture can detect the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms such as fungi in the urine. Besides urine culture can also help doctors to determine the cause of infection so that appropriate treatment can be given according to the cause.

In some literature states in urine culture, the results of the number of germs or colonies that reach> 1000 can indicate the presence of cystitis of bladder infections including UTI below) in men. But by definition someone is said to have a urinary tract infection if an organism or germ>> 100,000 cfu / ml is found. So that it will depend on other examinations for example from question and answer sessions and physical examinations and other additional examinations.

The examination of utin culture in you, which is 1000 cfu / ml is not included in the criteria for urinary tract infections. However, this can have an effect if you have taken antibiotics before conducting urine culture. So by taking antibiotics before, when urine culture may not be found the number of germs that meet the criteria. Because these antibiotics work to kill the germs that cause them.

In this case the discovery of blood on the examination of urinalysis does not specifically indicate a UTI, the discovery of blood in the urine (hematuria) can be caused by various possibilities for example:

Kidney infection
Kidney stones

Protatitis, inflammation or inflammation of the prostate
Swelling of the prostate

Bladder cancer, usually at the age of more than 50 years

Therefore, if you experience complaints in the urinary system that has not improved, consult again with a urologist. Then maybe the doctor will do an evaluation and for example other additional tests that support for example an ultrasound or CT scan to see if there are stones in the kidney or other urinary tract. In recurrent SIK it usually does require radiological examination separately to see whether abnormalities or anomalies are found in the urinary system.

To prevent UTI events, you can do things like:

Drink plenty of water to increase the frequency of urination so that it can help expel bacteria
For women, make it a habit to clean the female area from the front back, to prevent germs from the anus from infecting the vagina and urinary tract
Avoid using clothes that are too tight
Avoid feminine cleaning products that have the potential to cause irritation
Clean genitals before having sex

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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